Passover is here:

Chag Sameach! ~ Happy Pesach!

We look forward to having an uplifting and meaningful Passover at Chabad at the University of Maryland.

Please read on below to see the many opportunities and options Chabad is offering:


  • Seder options – We will be hosting Seders at Chabad:
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    For students going home, alumni, or anyone, if you would like handmade Shmurah Matzah for your Seder table, please click here. Please do this ASAP as we don’t know how long shipping will take. 
  • To sell your Chametz please click here.
  • For students only – Join us for a fun and informative chocolate Seder – Mon. night 4/15 – Cumberland Hall Rm 1114 – 9pm
  • If you would like to see information on a DIY Seder please click here.
  • For readings, explanations, recipes, stories, crafts and more, click here.
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For times or any other Passover related questions or information be in touch.
Have a happy and kosher Passover from
Chabad @ UMD!


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No student will be turned away due to funds.

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Anywhere you are in the world, Chabad has a Seder waiting just for you!

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All times listed here are for College Park, MD 

For elsewhere in the world click here 

Monday, April 22nd:

Fast of the first born begins at 4:49am

(Many end the fast at a siyum during the day)

Finish eating Chametz before 10:49am

Burn & nullify Chametz before 11:58pm

Candle lighting at 7:34pm

Tuesday, April 23rd:

Candle lighting after 8:36pm – Light from an existing flame only.