Maryland Chai Club

Welcome to the Maryland Chai Club. Chai in Hebrew means life and it’s numerical value equals 18, in Hebrew every letter is also given a number value. To increase the blessing of life, many have the custom to give charity in increments of 18.

The goal of this club is to create a way for alumni and friends of Chabad at the University of Maryland to support our many activities. By donating on a monthly basis we know that we can look forward to having money when we need it for programming and other expenses. All you have to do is submit a credit card and it will be billed monthly in the amount you specify. Of course, if at any point you wish to give a larger sum or if you would like to increase your monthly amount please contact us and we will gratefully arrange it. We will also honor any requests to stop your contributions to Chabad at the University of Maryland.

Alumni, we trust that you fondly recall your days at Maryland and the special part Chabad played in your college experience. Perhaps it was the home made Challah, The Sukkah Mobile somewhere on campus, playing with the kids, having a place to call home, an interesting class….the list goes on.

Parents and others, your monthly donation is greatly appreciated and gives us the needed support to continue the work that Chabad is doing.

While $18 a month may seem small to you, it will help us in many big ways.

At $18 per month your annual donation will help sponsor:

• Challah or wine for a Shabbos dinner. Yum!

• 6 mezuzahs (We put up close to 50 a year).

• An in dorm social event

• A community service event with a fraternity/sorority

• Hands-on Judaica session, Mezuzah, kipah design, Shofar making etc

• Challah baking session

• Shabbat Kitchen help

• And many other opportunities!

At $36 per month your annual donation will help sponsor:

• Half of a Shabbat dinner at Chabad

• A Shabbat dinner on campus/Greek house

• Outdoor Chanukah Menorah party

• An exciting day trip

• A year long learning program

• Office help for a month

• And many other opportunities!

At $72 per month your annual donation will help sponsor:

• A Shabbat dinner at Chabad

• Home made Passover Seder

• Sukkah Mobile and parties

• and other larger events!

If you would prefer to give a larger sum…..

We welcome donations to underwrite some of our larger programs and these gifts may be given in honor of a friend or loved one or to commemorate a special occasion in your life such as a birthday, anniversary or job promotion.

Your money of course will also be put to good use in supporting our many activities which you remember from your days at Maryland!

Chabad and the students at the University of Maryland thank you for your gift and support.

Please stop by and visit us some time soon to see your generosity at work!

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