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University of Maryland Chabad

We offer many different learning oppurtunities, please feel free to check them out or to call us if you do not find something that interests you.

There are many different learning oppurtunities happening all around campus....

1) Sinai Scholars

Click here for more info.

An exciting learning program!

Serious text based learning with plenty of round table discussion!

Limited availabiltiy so please register today!

Stipend available at closing of program.

2) North Campus class

Tues. nights, 9:00pm


April 1/8/15

At the CRC Board room

(lower level near the basketball courts)


3) Parsha Class

Carroll Hall, Tues. @ 9:00pm

To learn with one of our rabbbis or wives, any topic of interest to you, please contact us

and set up a time that works for you!

Stay in touch new classes are always being added.

If you would like to start a class either topical, textual or a discussion

just drop us a line today!

If you would like to have a one time learning with yourself or a friend please contact us to set it up.

The Modeh Ani prayer

When one awakens in the morning, one must immediately recognize and appreciate the kindness G-d has done with them. For while returing his/her soul G-d has also returned the soul refreshed and rejuvenated, unlike the tired and weary soul which had been given over the previous night.

While still in bed, (even before one washes their hands) he should say the Modeh Ani - "I offer thanks to you..."

By saying Modeh Ani immediately upon awakening, one will realize that G-d is in his/her midst and will immediately get out of bed and prepare oneself for the service of G-d.

Hebrew Image of this song


Modeh Ani Lefonecha Melech Chai Vikayom, Shehechezarta Bi Nishmasi Bechemlah.

Rabah Emunashecho.


I offer thanks to You, living and eternal King, for You have mercifully restored my soul within me;

Your faithfulness is great.







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