Below is just a short sampling of some of our events. as you browse the site you will find more info on many of these programs. On our Facebook page you can see pictures from many of them as well.

For updated events and programming please click here


  • Dorm parties                                             Click on the following:
  • Greek house events                                   – Friday Night Dinners
  • Cafe Chabad                                                – Mezuzah
  • Study Day BBQ                                           – Cap and Gown Gemach
  • Midnight Breakfast                                    – Israel Oppurtunities

Learning- click here for  more info:

  • Sinai Scholars
  • parsha class
  • tanya class
  • ” Your time, Your topic, Your place’ on what ever you want

Community Service

  • YAD
  • Food for shelters
  • Chanukah gifts to children of terror in Israel
  • Sukkah decorations for group home Sukkot
  • Jail Visits

Holiday Programming – click here for more info:

  • Chanukah parties
  • Sukkah mobile
  • Pesach seders
  • Roving Purim parties
  • Rosh Hashana meals


  • Testudos Kosher Korner
  • Graduation Dinner
  • Open house for parents
  • Challah Baking
  • Theme Shabbat Dinners
  • Pink Shabbat


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