Passover is here:

Where am I going for the Seder?

This is not one of the four questions of Passover.

We are open to every Jewish student at UMD for Seder and other Passover meals and events.

  •  Seder! Home made & Delicious! singing! wine & Matzah! To RSVP click here.
  •  To fill out a Chametz sale form click here.
  • Hand made Shmurah Matzah for your Seder! Click here to get yours!
  • Click here for a Passover student survival guide.
  • Class exemption letter Contact us here. (See ‘guide’ above for details)
  • For Passover recipes, study, how-to’s, and all other info click here.
  • Your donation helps all this happen. Please click here.

For times or any other Passover related questions or information please be in touch.

Have a happy and kosher Passover from Chabad @ UMD!