Here is a short overview of the past semester
with Chabad at the University of Maryland:

~ Please feel free to click any of the links to see more info about that event. ~

* Chinese Shabbat with 400+ students! Photos

* Monday Night on North Campus! Photos

* Sukkot Holiday Meals, Sukkah Mobile, & Sukkot Events! Photos

* Mezuzah Hanging! 80+ put up around campus! Photos

* Learning Opportunities!  (Sinai Scholars, Your Israel, Parsha, Tanya) Photos

* Challah Bakes with ‘Braiding for Change’! Photos

* Friendship Circle YAD Community Service! Photos

* Pegisha – Annual NYC Chabad Shabbaton! Photos

* Kosher BLT! Bagels, Lox & Teffilin! Photos

* S’fardi Shabbat with 200+ students! Photos

* Celebrating Light – Women’s Event! Photos

* UMD Basketball Kosher Concession Stand! Photos

* Midnight Breakfast at the Library during finals! Photos

* Kosher BLT with a Sorority! Bagels, Lox, & Torah! Photos

* Menorah lighting at Mckeldin, Lightings/Parties in dorms, & Menorah Lighting at Hyattsville! Photos

Not included here are many events:

*Shabbat & Holiday Dinners, *Yom Kippur Services, *Simchat Torah dancing with 700+ students, *Community Oneg in the Sukkah, *Smaller dorm and Greek house events, *Chaplaincy counseling, *One on one and group learning opportunities, *Parents Weekend Open House, *Forget your GPA Shabbat Dinner, *Greek Life Shabbat Happy Hour, & many more!

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