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* First Look Fair! Photos

* Chinese Shabbat with 450+ students! Photos

* Monday Night on North Campus! Photos

* Sukkot Holiday Meals, Sukkah Mobile, & Sukkot Events! Photos

* Mezuzah Hanging! 100+ put up around campus! Photos

* Learning Opportunities!  (Sinai Scholars, Your Israel, Parsha, Tanya & other learning) Photos

* Challah Bakes Supporting Israel with ‘3Strands’! Photos

* Friendship Circle YAD Community Service! Photos

* Pegisha – Annual NYC Chabad Shabbaton! Photos

* Kosher BLT! Bagels, Lox & Teffilin! Photos

* UMD Community Israel Vigil Photos

* Athletes for Israel X Greek Life packing Israel Event! Photos

* Jewish Pride around Campus (Tefillin (over 500 wrapped), Shabbat Candles, Mezuzah, Israel Prayers, Tzedakah, Charity raised for Israel) Photos

* Israel Community Rally Photos

* Community Shabbat 1000 followed by community Oneg!

* S’fardi Shabbat with 250+ students! Photos

* Women’s only Event! Photos

* UMD Basketball Kosher Concession Stand! Photos

* Midnight Breakfast at the Library during finals! Photos

* Menorah lighting at Mckeldin with 350+ students, Chanukah Parties/Lightings in dorms/Greek houses/Off campus Apts. & Menorah Lighting at Hyattsville, and Chanukah study breaks at Mckeldin! Photos

This semester we also spent significant time in advocacy to the university administration, university, police, parents and others to be there for the students with whatever they were going through. Including co-hosting a 600 plus person webinar and many meetings, emails and phone calls.

Not included here are many events:

*Shabbat & Holiday Dinners, *Yom Kippur Services*Simchat Torah dancing with 700+ students, *Community Oneg in the Sukkah, *Smaller dorm and Greek house events, *Chaplaincy counseling, *One on one and group learning opportunities, *Parents Weekend Open House, *Forget your GPA Shabbat Dinner, *Greek Life Shabbat Happy Hour, & many more!

Chabad continues to afford our children with a vibrant and inclusive community that allows each student to experience Jewish life through their ongoing activities on campus, Shabbat and holiday meals, as well as many learning opportunities.
I cannot express our gratitude enough to Rabbi Backman for the ongoing presence for our children during this difficult semester since the onset of the Israeli war. My daughter feels very supported in this environment, and appreciates being in a unified Jewish community.
As a parent who is not on the grounds, we are well aware and appreciative that Rabbi Backman has been advocating for the rights and needs of our children with the UMD administration during these tumultuous times as a Jewish student on campus.
Rabbi Backman, these kids are so lucky to have you!”
With gratitude,
Sharon Katz
Parent of student 26′

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