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University of Maryland Chabad
Bais Menachem Chabad Jewish Student Center
Rabbi Eli Backman, Director
7403 Hopkins Avenue
College Park, MD 20740



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University of Maryland Chabad

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Diamondback picture of Matisyahu, Chabad sponsered concert 11/17/04

Article about Kosher Apartments on campus

Article about Nechama Backman and Chabad

Article about Shabbat 1036

Local study highlights Chabad in the area, editorial Washington Jewish Week

Local study highlights Chabad in area, article Washington jewish Week

Diamondback article on the holiday of Sukkot

Picture of visit -12/20/05 - with the Governor of Maryland

Washington Post express interview with Rabbi Backman, 2/6/06

(if it opens to the front page the interview is on page 23)

Diamondback article about the growth of the Jewish community on campus

Mitzapeh article about student studying abroad

Mitzpeh article about Shabbat at Chabad 12/06

Front page Diamondback article about Chabad and Shabbat dinners 12/06

Text of Diamondback article

Washington Post article on Chanukah 12/07/07

Text of Washington post article about Chanukah on campus 12/07/07





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