~ This year a lot of these classes and learning opportunities may be virtual. ~

Sinai Scholars

Learn while you earn!

Our ongoing  learning program!

Join us as we discuss, read and debate what makes us who we are as a Jewish people and community.

Upon finishing the program and all its requirements you can earn $350 stipend!

Refreshments at each class.

Wed. nights 7:30-9:45 (if you have a group interested in another time please be in touch)

Please sign up today! Grab a few friends to join with you!



Your Israel!

Ever wonder why the fascination with Israel and our history?
What makes this small piece of land so meaningful to us as a community?

Here is your chance to go back in time and really get to the bottom of it! The historical, practical, mystical and meaningful connection to Israel! This is not a political discussion or debate about Israel rather the background to the who, what and when of it all!

mid day two options choose the better one for you and your friends.

(If you have a group and want another time, please be in touch)

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Tanya Shiyur

A deeper look into who you are and why you are here. Based on Mystical and Chassidic thought.

Dates and Times TBA

Contact us for zoom link.


Parsha Shiyur

A class on the weekly Torah portion. In its 15th year!

Dates and Times TBA

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Your topic, your time!

To learn one on one with the rabbi or his wife, on any topic of interest to you, please contact us to set up a time and place!

Lunch N’ Learn, Dorm learning sessions, Chavrusa, Dinner N’ Discussion, Greek house opportunities and many more!

Stay updated as new classes are always being added!

Want something else or a different time? Email us and lets see if we can make it work!
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