~ Please click here for this years updated shabbat events ~

*Delicious food *Good company *Singing *Warmth *And so much more!

You have to experience it!

Bring your friends and roommates, and meet and greet new friends!

The meal starts around 8:00pm every Fri. Come as comfortable as you would like to be

and bring along as many as you would like!

Many stay later after the meal for ‘Farbrengen’ singing and discussion!

We also host:

  • North Campus Shabbat Dinners
  • Greek house Shabbat dinners
  • Theme ~ Chinese, Italaino ~ Shabbat dinners
  • ‘Forget your GPA’ Shabbat dinner (Last Shabbat of every semester)
  • Sefardi Shabbat Lunch
  • Pink Shabbat
  • and more!


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