Shana Tova!
We will be having holiday meals!
Join us for one or more!

Sunday Night 9/25: Apples & Honey and Holiday Brisket Dinner at 8:15 PM
Monday 9/26: Lunch at 2:30 PM
Monday Night 9/26: Dinner at 8:15 PM
Tuesday 9/27: Lunch at 2:30 PM
*all meal times are approximate

Make sure you hear the Shofar! Schedule:

Both days:
Chabad – 2-4 PM
North Campus Diner – 5-7 PM
And all around campus throughout the afternoon.
Listen out for the sounds!

If you cant make to any of these places due to quarantine or other extenuating circumstances please be in touch with us before the holiday begins by email

We will also be sounding the Shofar on Monday 9/26 at the Bear near Whole Foods in Riverdale Park Station at 6:30pm.

Tashlich: We are hoping to leave after lunch on Tuesday from Chabad.

For holiday candle lighting times please visit

If you need a place to hear Shofar anywhere around the world or for any other Holiday info click here.

If you would like to help sponsor a Rosh Hashanah meal for a student or help support Chabad please click here.