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University of Maryland Chabad
Bais Menachem Chabad Jewish Student Center
Rabbi Eli Backman, Director
7403 Hopkins Avenue
College Park, MD 20740



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University of Maryland Chabad

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Welcome to our web site!

We hope you will take a moment to visit and make yourself at home as if you were actually at our place!

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Shabbat dinners, Sushi, chinese shabbat,

YAD, community service, sinai scholars,

learning, and many more!

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*Challah baking * Food * Mezuzah making * 'sdrawkcab 'Shabbat * Purim stuff * Kipah design * North Campus events * Italiano Shabbato * Chocalate passover Seders * trip days * Community service * Model matzah bakery * Passover Seders * Women's Cabaret * Study Day BBQ

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  • Free Shabbat Dinners!
  • Learning!
  • Rap with the Rabbi!
  • BLT! -Bagels, Lox and Teffilin!
  • Women's Cabaret!
  • Trip to New York City!
  • Restore an old synagogue!
  • Community Service!
  • And much more!










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